Blacker The Berry, Sweeter The Juice: “Dark Girl Struggles”

Check out this article! Blacker The Berry, Sweeter The Juice: "Dark Girl Struggles".


Today’s Jam: Glass – Marsha Ambrosious

I've been listening to this all day... Marsha Ambrosious sings about putting up a tough front for her man but behind it all she is very fragile and breakable, like glass. She doesn't want to be hurt by love again and she knows that when her man looks into her eyes, he sees right through …

Rick Ross Addresses Date Rape Lyrics; Calls It A ‘Misinterpretation’

Rick Ross has had to deal with a lot this week. After releasing those controversial date rape lyrics from his new single "U.O.E.N.O.'' earlier this week, yesterday he made his way down to radio station Q 93.3 to try and clarify what he really meant by those lyrics, calling them a misinterpretation. Here's what he had to …