Everywhere I go, there’s a memory of you
An emotional recall of what we used to be

A kiss shared here, a hand held there

Constant visions of a love once special to me
I smell your scent in a faint blow of the wind

Phantom touches of your arms around my body

Remembrance of your soft lips kissing mine

Sweet nothings whispered in my ear ever so softly
Your memories are my weakness,

Both the good and the bad,

I remember the times you would bring me flowers

And in the same breath, you could make me feel so sad
Sometimes I’m afraid to be alone,

And have my thoughts take over my mind,

I miss you more than I would like to admit,

But seeing you out with her was a clear sign

I’ve never known a pain so strong,

And I thought it had become easier to handle,

But the slightest happy memory of us,

And my strong guard becomes dismantled
You always knew exactly what to say

To draw me in right back to you,

I often was the bad guy, the criminal in your eyes,

Often left feeling helpless and unsure of what to do
Though I hate the way it ended,

I believe it was for the best,

Our love was something I’ll never forget

A lesson learned, thank God I passed the test
Goodbye to US…….

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