The Year That Love Died 👥

Started in the winter months

Infatuation kept us warm

Promises made, sweet nothings whispered

I believed you would keep me from all harm,

Seasons changed,

Temperatures rose

Passionate love was made

Sent shiver to my toes
The right words were always available to you

And convincing me seemed to come with ease,

I did what was asked of me

Always aimed to please,

Our early days were rough

But I had no idea what was in store,

As time progressed, my feelings became stronger

But his love would only leave me sore
I only did what I thought & believed to be right

I only wanted what was best,

I only gave my all,

And I thought love would take care of the rest

But somewhere along the road, we lost our way,

Somewhere along the road, we forgot how to feel

Somehow we lost the magic,

That spark that made us think our love was real
We promised we’d always be together

We promised to never give up,

We promised to stick it out no matter what

Even if the times got tough,

But I guess all promises can’t be kept,

I guess some forevers don’t have a happy ending,

But I guess this forever was always temporary,

Nothing built to last, like you always intended

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