The Story of Heartbreak 💔


Feeling abandoned, neglected, he doesn’t love me anymore,

he’s found something new and better, and now he’s walking out the door,

he’s the one that did the dirt, but I still end up getting hurt,

I thought we had a good thing,

but looks like I was wrong, I’m sad to see him go,

so to deal with the pain, my heart wrote this song ,

I knew that it was over the night he came to me and confessed the sin,

and when he wasn’t here with me, he was at her house again,

my heart feels numb, this is a different pain  I’ve never felt,

and when I go to sleep at night, I’m by myself,

I thought our love was special to him, I thought I was his world,

but that all came shattering down when he told me there was another girl,

every day I hold my feelings in because I don’t know where to turn,

but this is not a love lost, this is all a lesson learned,

they say if you love someone, then you shouldn’t be afraid to let them go,

and if they find their way back to you, then that’s how you know,

life is full of teachable moments,

and though it may hurt, we have to own them,

I tried to hang in there, Lord knows that I wanted to stay,

but to know about what those two shared wounded my heart in a painful way,

to know that she’s had half of me was difficult for me to accept,

but I prayed and tried to forgive, I did my very best,

but now he’s free, no longer bound by me, and I wish him much success,

the life we built together was torn down in the blink of an eye,

and when all I wanted to do was talk, it only turned into me crying,

day to day, my heart’s in pain, and no one seems to care,

the only person I want to talk to is the one who’s never there

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