The Black Man’s Injustice

Each of these accounts are without a doubt tragic, and it shouldn’t be, at least in my opinion, acceptable to live in a society where the black man is seen as a threat. In today’s society, the black man walks around feeling like a target. My heart hurts for my brothers, my husband and my nephews who are all black men who are considered trouble. But what is it about the black man that makes society as a whole consider him dangerous? Is it simply his shade? Or is there a deeper cause? Off the top of my head, I would have to say it must be his shade; and I’m not saying that just because I want to defend my people. I say that because when you really think about it, that’s all society is going off of. They are not taking the time to get to know these men. They are not trying to help them. People see a black man and instantly feel a uneasy and that shouldn’t be. Cops all too often say that a black man “fits the description of a suspect that they’re looking for” … yeah, right.

It just hurts that we have to live in a world where discrimination and racism will never truly die. Though it may not be as prevalent now as it used to be, but to believe that it doesn’t lurk deep within the hearts of some people is foolish. I yearn for the day where my people will be able to freely walk down the street without being stopped or questioned, or even rudely stared at. My people will never know the feeling of this notion of “white privilege”. The man is supposed to be the head of the household, meant to provide and protect his family. But how can they do so successfully when the weight of the world is on their shoulders? How can they do so successfully when they are seen as nothing but troublemakers, statistics and problems? And they know that they are seen in such a way which, in some cases, takes away from their will to do good for their families. Every single day they face the world with an “X” on their backs. Forever a target.

There is supposed to be “justice for all”, but in reality, there only seems to be justice for all who are a certain color. Being excluded is something no one wants, but when it becomes your daily reality, how you are supposed to feel? How are you supposed to react? How are you supposed to cope? Not knowing whether or not if every day you step out into the world could possibly be your last day. Forever feeling out of place in a land where you were never welcomed in to begin with yet forcefully removed from the land that is really home. Always being treated differently because of our darker shade. People are afraid of what is different, but when we think about it, in the eyes of God, we are all the same. He sees us all as equal, so how can a person think of themselves as superior to another person? Racism and discrimination are always wrong, in any instance. Even if the situation had been reversed. I just hate living in a society where progress feels like one step forward one day and then five steps backward the next. I know there are a lot of people who possess a particular mindset towards minorities. but what does that mindset do for you? Besides provide them with the short satisfaction needed to make them feel better about themselves, which is very sad. I just hope that one day certain issues that are commonplace today will be something less prevalent in society for the future.




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