Wounds in the Way


Emotional wounds are the worst. When your heart feels as though its been broken and stepped on, it always seems as though it will never get better. Emotional wounds block the way of so many things. Think about it. When we suffer from emotional damage, we do everything in our “power” to keep it from happening again. But if we really learned from the situation, we would not have to worry about the same situation repeating itself.

Emotional wounds shut us down — we isolate ourselves from the world, we avoid the possibility of love, we fall into depression. Too many times, we become scared to once again become normally-functioning citizens and we have this constant fear that everyone, the whole world can see the way we feel. We become extremely vulnerable, over-sensitive and we play the victim role all too well. We become afraid to love. We become afraid to laugh. We become afraid to live.

Succumbing to our emotional wounds does us no good. We end taking life as it comes instead of going out and living the life God has for us. When we agree to let old damage rule our lives, we begin to think that everyone around us is out to hurt us and that no one understands us, but that is a far cry from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of people who understand, as almost everyone has dealt with emotional wounds in one way or another.

When we think no one understands what we are going through, we are indeed fooling ourselves. Help lies just on the other side of reaching out for it. We cannot be afraid to open our mouths when we are dealing with something. Wounds, if you don’t tend to them, don’t just disappear. They fester, and they can grow into something much worse than ever imagined. We cannot heal what we are afraid to confront. We cannot let go of what we are so painfully clutching onto. We cannot walk forward into a bright future while dwelling on a past that we so heavily use as our crutch.

It almost goes without saying that this type of behavior will leave a person lonely, hurt and depressed — and a life lived in such a way is no life at all. Life is meant to be lived with love, happiness and peace. We are supposed to live life free in positivity, not drenched in negativity. A bird can never soar as it is meant to with so many things weighing it down. Would you rather be on the ground with the turkeys or flying high with the eagles?

I believe that people dwell in these types of situations because of comfort. It’s easier to stay the same you that you have been for so long than to try and change and be a different, growing you. Most people are afraid of the unknown so they stay with what is comfortable and familiar. We are more afraid of how successful we can be, so we stay in the stay failure day after day.

It is extremely hard to face something that we do not like about ourselves because no one wants to think of themselves in that way and understandably so. Facing those things which make us uncomfortable about ourselves is imperative. It is imperative for our growth, for our health, happiness and for our sanity. We cannot continue to hold in all this unhappiness. It does no one any good. In the end, it makes us all suffer. We are being the best we can be for ourselves, for our families, our friends, for anyone. And if we can’t be any good for ourselves, how in the world do we expect to be any good to or for anyone else? All we would do is spread our unhappiness subconsciously, infecting people.

We have to do better. We have to be honest with ourselves no matter what, at all costs, in any situation. It’s the only way to live truly happy. We have to get our wounds out of the way. Living behind out wounds should not be worth our happiness.

P.S. The video below is part of the inspiration for this post, as well as the title. I first heard it in “Madea’s Family Reunion” and I instantly loved it. It’s really a beautiful song. Check it out.

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