Fighting for Respect


One things that hurts is when you feel as though you have to constantly fight and prove the points you make … especially to those closest to you.

It’s one thing to fight for your opinion to be heard in the outside world, where most people don’t really care, but it’s another thing to be fighting for that same respect at home. Where it’s supposed to be given freely, without judgement and with love.

But a little piece of you dies each time you are compelled to prove your point. It’s like each time you are hurt by someone who you truly love and care about, they strip a little piece of you and you become damaged. And nobody likes damaged goods. Nobody. To have your words be truly acknowledged and not dismissed.  It hurts. It’s painful when those that you love constantly look down on your opinion and act as though they are always right and you are always the wrong one. I should never be fighting to be heard with the ones I love, and subsequently where my home is. Not necessarily my literal home, but the place and the people that I find comfort and solace in. But when that’s not there, it causes you to reevaluate some things.

People always say that in order to get respect, you have to get it, and I am doing just that. If I’m giving that respect out, why aren’t I getting it back? Why are my opinions and thoughts the ones that are thought of as ‘wrong’ or ‘incorrect’? Is it because that it’s me, specifically, stating said thought or opinion? Or is it because you can actually back up me being incorrect with something other than YOUR OWN stated opinion? Where are your facts?

I just hate the fact that what I’m saying is being disputed, it’s never being trusted or seen as valid, and it has no reason to be that way. I’m human and I have feelings just like everyone else and when those feelings are not respected, there’s a problem with that. I’m all for compromise in any type of relationships, but when that compromise turns into some sort of inequality, I can’t stand for that. And I won’t.

You never appreciated love until you’ve been heartbroken.

You never appreciate trust until you’ve been betrayed.

You never appreciate respect until you’ve been disrespected.

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