This Day in Black History: February 19th


On this day in Black history…

1. 2002 – Vonetta Flowers
Vonetta Flowers became the first black gold medalist in the history of the Winter Olympic Games. She and partner Jull Brakken won the inaugural women’s two-person bobsled event.

2. 1996 – Singer Dorothy Maynor dies
Concert singer Dorothy Maynor dies (1910-1996)

3.  1992 – John Singleton, Director
John Singleton,the first African American director to be nominated for the Academy Award is nominated for best director and best screenplay for his first film Boyz N the Hood.

4. 1942 – Tuskegee Airmen initiated
The Army Air Corps’ all African American 100th Pursuit Squadron, later designated a fighter squadron, was activated at Tuskegee Institute. The squadron served honorably in England and in other regions of the European continent during World War II.

5. 1940 – Smokey Robinson born
Soul singer William “Smokey” Robinson born in Detroit, Michigan. Robinson’s first singing group was the Miracles which he formed in 1955 while still in high school. The group’s first success came in 1960 with the hit, “Shop Around.”

6. 1919 – Pan-African Congress Meeting
Pan-African Congress, organized by W.E.B. DuBois, met a Grand Hotel, Paris. There were fifty-seven delegates sixteen from the United States and fourteen from Africa form sixteen countries and colonies. Blaise Diagne of Senegal was elected president and DuBois was named secretary.

7.  1919 – Pan African Congress
The 1st Pan African Congress is held. (Paris,France)

8. 1864 – Knights of Pythias established
Knights of Pythias established. Confederate troops defeated three Black and six white regiments at Battle of Olustee, about fifty miles from Jacksonville, Florida. 

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