Cut To…Bridget Kelly


Meet Bridget Kelly, a RocNation artist that was first signed back in 2008.

Bridget Kelly has premiered her second EP called Cut To…Bridget Kelly to hold her fans over until the release of her debut full-length album “Something Different” slated to be release sometime in 2014. The EP features six tracks including her debut single “Special Delivery.” Here’s what she had to say about the EP: “I want to show my fans that sometimes it’s okay to love even if it means to suffer through heartache and pain.”

“I speak a lot about love and my feelings on these songs,” said Bridget of the follow-up to her 2011 EP Every Girl. “I speak to those who have been in relationships, the good and the bad, and that in the midst of turmoil, finding something you can smile about.”

In 2011, she released Every Girl, her first EP has the Frank Ocean-penned track ‘Thinking ‘Bout Forever, which was originally written for Bridget, but after Frank Ocean leaked his version on his Tumblr, his version became more popular.

I am a fan of Bridget because I love her sound, the raw raspiness in her voice. I love that she sings about love and relationships, as cliched as that sounds. She sings about the ups and the downs; her material is relatable.

Listen to some of her tracks below:

Her debut single, “Special Delivery”:


“Thinking About Forever”, from Every Girl  EP:


“S#!T Happens”, from Cut To…Bridget Kelly  EP:


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