Catching Up


Hey everybody!

I know, I know…long time no talk. Sorry about that. But  I’ve just been extremely busy. While I was on winter break from college, I anticipated having more time to work on my own personal blog, but I was wrong. I was hit with having to do with even more work, both personal and professional. But no more! One of my 2014 resolutions is to seriously make an effort to set aside time for my own personal blog because I refuse to neglect it any longer!

At the current moment, there is so much going on! I am preparing for my last semester in college (YAY!); I will be tackling four classes and one internship. Today was supposed to be the first day break since winter break, but since we have subzero temperatures here in Cincinnati, school is closed for today. I will be graduating in April with a bachelor’s’ in Psychology and a certificate in Journalism. I am also preparing for graduate school, which I will be starting in the fall. I will be working on my master’s in Social Work.

I have already started work on my internship for this semester, and this is a position that keeps me busy. I am a DIY/Interior Design/Dorm & Apartment Life writing Intern for an online magazine called College Lifestyles™. I love it because it lets me put my Journalism certificate to good use and it is my first real taste at magazine writing, which is something that I want to pursue as a career.

And then there is my personal life. Married life is definitely something that keeps me busy! I love being married, as it has taught me so much and my husband and I have only been married for seven months! I try to spend as much time with my husband because he leads a busy life as well. He is a first-year electrician apprentice for Mayers Electric and he currently works at GE. He also has electrician classes two nights a week.

But at any rate, 2014 will be a lot different. Though I have much going on, I intend to make a lot more time for the things that I enjoy, like my blog.

Consistency is key! 🙂


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