My Life as Busy Central


(Excuse the random photo lol)

Hey guys! Long time no post!

I know I’ve been M.I.A. lately, but it is all for good reason and things are finally starting to slow down a little!

So, for those of you who do not know, this is my senior year in college (at the University of Cincinnati) and as I am sure you might imagine, it is a pretty busy time for me! There are papers, finals, capstones, etc.! This past Friday was the last day of classes and naturally that included that last day of homework assignments, papers and tests as well! I still do have one final paper to do and I’m trying not to procrastinate but that’s proving to be easier said than done.

But anyways, with no more classes, I’ll have so much more free time! Having that extra time will give me the opportunity to do the things that I enjoy, like blogging! Christmas break is around the corner, and I could not be more excited! I plan on using my break to do what I want. There are so many craft projects that I have been wanting to do but have been unable to do so because of school, but that’s all about to change. I only have one more semester left, and in that semester I will be taking three classes (Brains On Drugs, Positive Psychology and Intermediate American Sign Language II), one internship with an online magazine and one more capstone (Stress, Mood & Health) and then I graduate in April! 🙂

I am just going to use this break as an opportunity to really relax; I want to catch up on reading my Essence magazines, catch up on some of my favorite shows and spend some QT with my husband. This is definitely something that I am looking forward too. I’m also looking forward to finishing my last semester ever! — at least for undergraduate. I will be going to graduate school and I am so thankful that graduate school only takes half the time that undergraduate takes. I think I want to apply to  UC’s School of Social Work. I know for sure that I don’t want to study Psychology again, at least not right now.

But anyways, I just wanted to write something because it’s almost been a month since I last posted and I want to make sure that I keep some consistency going. So, I have to get back to work, but I’ll be back soon!

Talk to you guys later! 🙂

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