Being Busy Sucks


Being busy sucks. At least when it comes to being busy with things I’d rather not be doing. Like school. I mean I obviously know that school is important, but sometimes I just wish I had more time. Make the world spin a little slower. But seeing as that’s impossible, I often have to sacrifice things I love and enjoy. Like a social life. Or just watching TV. And yes of course, even blogging.

But there are those random, fleeting moments (like this one) where I am afforded the blessed opportunity to blog. (Okay, so you caught me. This is actually NOT one of those random, fleeting moments — I’m actually sitting in my Psychobiology class learning about the chromosomes, hermaphrodites and the sex organs. It’s actually really interesting stuff. But I digress.) And I always take advantage of those moments. All this being busy has me thinking though. If I’m just in my senior year and I’m this busy, just imagine how much busier I will be when I enter the professional world! To me, that is just all the more reason to include my love and passion for writing into my career.

I just wish there were more hours in the day. Like seriously. I’m always in class, or doing homework, studying or at work. I don’t even know what a social life is anymore, let alone have time for one. I barely see friends anymore and my I can’t even tell you the last time my husband went out on a date. And he’s been busy lately also. He has his full-time job and school. I would love for us to go out to a nice restaurant, sit down, eat a delicious meal and not worry about work or school.

But in all honesty, I’d rather be busy all the time doing something productive than just sitting at home wasting my life away and wishing I had something to do. So I’ll count my blessings where I can and I’ll remember that this is all for a reason. I have a future to think of and so does my husband. So we’re working toward it as best as we can, so that we can produce some sort of stability for our future children and I am just fine with that.

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