6 Big Boob Problems

I feel her pain.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes with great power comes great responsibility. HA. But really having big boobs does have its trying times and things that are made a bit difficult..such as..

1. Exercise in many forms.

Running, friggin forget it. I’d need like two sports bras, some safety pins, and a roll of Duct tape if I wanted to tame them down to a normal level. I took an aerobics class once, the kind at a gym filled with mirrors at every angle- nightmare. Jumping jacks kind of lose their luster when you are holding your own boobs down while doing them.

2. “Blouses”.

You know the button all the way up shirts. My mother told me once I needed to wear a blouse- like shirt to a funeral. I made her witness me try one on. Yeah, unless you want me blinding someone when these buttons bust off into someone’s eye, we are…

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