Audio Project for My Production Class

Cover of "Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day"
Cover of Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day

So this semester, I am taking Integrated Media Production for Non-Majors 1 (which is basically a class where you learn media production and media design with audio, visual and image-based software). So this week, for an audio project, we had to (and I quote):

1. Create a 60 second audio spot with at least 4 different tracks.
2. Include the following:Voiceover – record your own voice
Music bed – you can record and compose your own music or use prerecorded music
Effects 1 – use prerecorded sound effects for all effect tracks that relate to your pieces
Effects 2 – use prerecorded sound effects for all effect tracks that relate to your pieces
Effects 3 – use prerecorded sound effects for all effect tracks that relate to your pieces3. Bounce all files to a stereo .WAV or .AIFF  (16 Bit 44.1KHz) and upload to SoundCloud
4. Submit SoundCloud link to the forum

And at first my idea was to do something funny, but then my professor played an example that made me wanted to shift the idea of my project. So I took a more serious tone in my final idea. First thing I decided was that I wanted to read a poem (simple I know, it’s just the poet in me). So I chose to read “Cotton Candy On A Rainy Day” by Nikki Giovanni.

Next, I had to choose a music bed for the background, and it had to be instrumental. Instantly, Freedom by Nicki Minaj came to mind. I think it’s because I really love the beat of the song. All that was left was choosing my sound effects, which proved to be the simplest part. So I chose a light wind blowing, this weird popping sound, and rain falling. Each of these effects are timed so that when I say a certain word, they will play along with the instrumental track and my voice.

Well, fast forward to this morning in class, where we had to present our projects and I was getting nervous because other students had done some really creative things with their projects like a haunted house, a 1920’s radio commercial and a war scene. So I was feeling a little intimidated, like my project would seem boring! Long story short though, the professor LOVED my project and the whole class gave me nothing but compliments! Talk about having your Monday morning made! 🙂

Listen to it below & tell me what you think!



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