25 Things Everyone Needs To Have Before They Turn 25

Thought Catalog

Many of these are things that we’ll be lucky to attain at any point in our lives. They’re not all universally applicable, this I realize. But I also realize that for many people, they are 25 little things that are important for dealing with the ins and outs of everyday adult life. These are ways to take care of ourselves, our lives, and the people in them, and not only to know ourselves, but to act on that knowledge as well. 

1. A room of your own. I would say apartment or other kind of space, but sometimes that’s not financially feasible, and that’s okay. Regardless, at the minimum, everybody needs their own room. Your own space to be weird and cry and be alone or be alone with someone.

2. A worldview that isn’t a carbon copy of what your parents taught you nor derived from the experiences you’ve…

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