Billionaires Prefer To Date Black Women; Says They Are ‘Loyal’


Two days ago, a friend of mine alerted me to this interesting article on Instantly, the title alone has me curious. It reads “Billionaire Says “Black Women Are For Grown Ups””. Hmmm… Before I fully read the article, I was a little skeptical because I had never seen any billionaires with women of color on their arms (ignorant, I know) and I also wasn’t sure what was meant by the phrase ‘grown ups.’ In my head, it could have went either way.

At any rate, I get to reading and this article has me hooked! Basically, the story goes that billionaire Ben Horowitz was quoted as saying that more and more billionaires prefer to date Black women because they ‘are loyal and guard your interests.’ Well alright Ben!

After sharing this with my husband, his response was that billionaires feel this way because these African-American women come from impoverished areas and they know what it is like to struggle. So when they come up on a different lifestyle, they are careful with it so as not to become familair with struggle again. Now while that may be very well true for SOME cases, surely that cannot be the only reason. Why can’t these black women just have good business sense and know the value of a dollar and saving? Surely that could not have all grown up in poverty. And if they did grow up in poverty, what areas were they scouting in?! Because I know a few women who wouldn’t mind a billionaire boo! LOL 🙂

What do YOU think? Feel free to comment below! 🙂 Also, check out some of these ‘loyal’ women with their men below!

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