New Music: ‘All The Way Home’ – Tamar Braxton


Tamar Braxton is not here for any games! With the release of her LP, Love And War due out on September 3rd, Tamar is pushing out these singles with no hesistation! With much success with previous singles ‘Love & War‘ and ‘The One’, I believe it is safe to say this single will have the same success.

In her latest single, ‘All The Way Home’, Tamar is heartbroken and is speeding down the freeway after a huge fight with her man. In the song, she sings about needing some space to clear her head after her and her man have gotten into it.

She sings:

Dont even know why we fighting for
Damn I need a minute, so baby keep your distance
Heard it all, so imma just go
Don’t bother waiting up, I just need some time alone
Damn where the hell are my keys
I just wanna leave, get in my car, and now imma just drive, all night
Turn off my phone, radio on, and drive
So why im just

Screaming out the road, got my head out of control
Cause I’m thinking about you all the way home
Got a long way to ride and I can’t even deny
I’ve been thinking about you all the way home

This song will definitely have you emotional.

Listen to the track below:

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