Open Heart Letter


Just releasing some things that have been on my heart …

Writing is my love. It is my passion. I give my writing everything that I’ve got and I love the fact that my writing gives me such a state of vulnerability. I’m not afraid of exposing myself because I know that it is good for me. I thank God for the ability to be able to write and to do it well. You see, I am not a very verbal person so I believe that God gave me the gift of writing so that I can still have a chance to say what’s on my heart. And of course, when I feel alone,

I take my writing seriously and I just want to be able to share that passion with the world. When I write, I put my whole heart into it. Whether it be a poem, a blog post, a journal entry, whatever. Every chance is an opportunity to give my all.

There once was a time when I did not even want to share my writing — but as I got older, I had to let that bad habit go. In my opinion, not sharing my writing would be selfish. God gave me something in order to help others. Like they say — ‘the blessing is not for you, it’s for somebody else.’ And when I write, it provides an opportunity for self-discovery, to find out more about myself. It allows me to explore certain emotions that I may be feeling as well as why I may be feeling that way. It just gives me a better understanding of me.

I also learned that whatever conclusions I come to or lessons I may have learned could benefit someone else just the same, if not better. It may seem small to you, but to me, it’s just my contribution to making the world somewhat of a better place. I want to encourage. I want to inspire. I want to enlighten. And for right now, this is the primary way I know how. And sure I would love a huge follower fan base but for now I’ll just keep writing and keep believing in myself until I get there. God would not give me this passion that I have for nothing.

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