Thursday the Trickster


As another long week comes to an end, I can’t help but be grateful that Friday is on it’s way. I’ve been getting up at 6:30 am everyday for my 8:00 am summer classes & I am sick of it! Granted, I’m the one that scheduled the class but only because I need it and it was they only time they had available.

I love sleeping in, courtesy of being a college student, and getting up so early is hard for me. But I am glad that tomorrow is Friday so at least if I end up dragging through the day, once I get home it won’t matter because I could hibernate all weekend if I wanted to! And I’m not sure what’s been wrong with me this week, but I been one day ahead all week long! Earlier today, for a split second, I thought today was Friday and then when I found out that it the was just Thursday (the trickster), my dreams were crushed.

But luckily, my days don’t last too long. Class lets out at 9:40am and then I’m at work until 1:00pm and then I am a free woman. But since I love my job so much and the people that work here, I’m usually here until about 5-5:30pm. And once I do get home I can never just go take a nap like I would love to do. Even after work and school, there is still extra business to be handled. There’s homework, grocery shopping, plans that I may make (because even though I love to nap, I don’t just wanna sit in the house all day),the list goes on and on.

And now that the first summer session of classes is over and the second session has began, I’m dreading it even more. I’m fulfilling my foreign language credit this summer and I am taking Intermediate American Sign Language I & II. Now don’t get me wrong, I love ASL. It’s a beautiful language and it’s fun to learn. I just wish that the class wasn’t at 8am. And it doesn’t help that the professor for Intermediate II is a little intimidating…

But I digress. I’m just happy to have made it through another week. 🙂

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