The Confident Woman Devotional – Quiet Inner Confidence (pt. 13)


Quiet Inner Confidence (Last Wednesday’s Devotional)

The devotional reads:

”Through the years, many people tried to hold me back from God‘s call on my life. There were those who did not understand what I was doing and why I was doing it, so they judged me falsely. At times their criticism and judgment made me want to “sit down” and forget about my vision from God.

But I had a big God standing up on the inside of me, and “sitting down” was not an option for me. He caused me to stand up on the inside and be determined to go forward no matter what others thought, said or did. It was not always easy, but I learned from my experience that being frustrated and unfulfilled due to being out of the will of God is more difficult than pressing through all the opposition.

Standing up on the inside does not mean being rebellious or having an aggressive attitude toward those who don’t understand us. It means having a quiet inner confidence that takes us through to the finish line. It is knowing inside that despite what is happening on the outside, everything is going to be all right because God is on the scene, and when He is present, nothing is impossible.”


Lord, Your presence in my life changes everything about me. Help me to stand up alongside You for all that You want me to do and say and be. Amen.

Scripture: Isaiah 32:17

17And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.
Here’s what I have to say —
Doing what God wants us to do will AT LEAST 9 times out of 10 never be easy. But that’s kind of the point. If doing God’s will was easy or wouldn’t bring forth ridicule from those who do not understand, then everyone would be doing it. It’s about not being afraid to stand out, which in most cases, leads to being a little uncomfortable. Even now as I have been sharing these devotionals as I read them daily, I know that there are those who may judge me and will not understand why I chose to do. But I feel as though that I am not the only woman who struggles with being confident and I feel like what better place to go and get knowledge on the topic than the Bible? And why not share such valuable information? In my opinion, these devotionals are too good to keep to myself — I need to share them with my fellow woman. God wants us to do what makes Him happy and in return He will bless us. I cannot be afraid or worry about what others will think of me. Their opinions of me and what I do are miniscule. They do not have a heaven or a hell to put me in so there is no reason why I should be trying to go out of my way and please them. I refuse to be held back because I know that God would not lead me in the wrong direction.
Courtesy of Joyce Meyer Ministries & YouVersion Bible app
Photo courtesy of Google

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