Today’s Jam: ‘A Couple Of Forevers’ – Chrisette Michele


I love this woman! In case you have not heard, Chrisette Michele‘s new album, entitled ‘Better’, dropped about a week ago and I gotta say that I am in love with it! I just bought it yesterday and I already have my favorites! One song in particular has been my jam all day. I am referring to track 2, ‘A Couple Of Forevers’!

The song talks about an eternal love that lasts for ‘a couple of forevers.’ In the video, Chrisette looks ABSOLUTELY stunning as she walks with her love interest expressing to him the joy that is their love.

In the song, she sings:

I see it clear, my heart is here
We got each other, let’s take it from there
And if I could I’d love you forever at a time Oh, oh, oh
What we been through no one else knows
Cause all that matters is how far this goes
And it will go until it starts again, Oh, oh
Me and you are built like armor
Nothing can stop love from loving on us
You know I’m not asking for much

Just a couple of forevers
A couple of forevers
I’m the only one, you are the only one
Together til never

It is just an absolutely beautiful song!

Listen & watch the vid below:

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