The Confident Woman Devotional – Consider Your Life (Pt. 3)


Consider Your Life

While reading today’s devotional, that point was made time and time again. As women,  we really must learn and master how to consider our lives. To put it simply, we must remain as individuals who think before they act. Keep a cool and calm demeanor. Remain level-headed.

The devotional reads:

We cannot do everything and do anything well. Quality is much better than quantity. Verse 16 begins by saying she “considers” a new field before she buys it. She considers her present duties and is careful not to neglect them by taking on new ones. In other words, she seriously thinks about what she is about to do and does not act emotionally without forethought.

Oh, how much better life would be if we all took time to think about what we are about to do before we do it. It is amazing how many things I don’t buy if I just go home and think about it for a while. It is amazing how one good night’s sleep changes our minds. Emotions are fickle and ever changing. This is the reason why it is dangerous to do things based on high emotions without giving plenty of consideration to everything involved. Remember to think before you act.

So many times, it’s so easy to just ride along with wherever our emotions take us. But that has to stop. We cannot let our emotions control everything. Emotions are temporary,  fickle and misleading. And you never want to make a decision is that state of mind, especially a permanent decision.

Today’s devotional reads:

Lord, I ask You to give me wisdom as to what I give my time and attention. Help me to be busy with the right things and to give my best to those things. Amen.

Scripture: Proverbs 31:16

16 She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.
Here’s what I have to say —

I know firsthand to always be controlled by emotion and what consequences that can bring. Letting your emotions have such great control does nothing but wreak havoc and no one wants that. Running on emotions will cause others to be uneasy around you because they may feel as though anything that they say will be viewed as offensive.Just remember ladies, to take time and think. Give everything serious thought. Really contemplate if something is worth being seriously upset over or if it’s really worth ruining your day.♥

Courtesy of YouVersion Bible app & Joyce Meyer Minstries

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