The Confident Woman Devotional – Believe in Your Value

The Confident Woman Devotional

As a woman, there so many stigmas against me. As a black woman, there twice as many more.

‘I shouldn’t be in college.’

‘I should be pregnant.’

‘I shouldn’t have graduated high school.’

‘I should already have a couple of mouths to feed.’

And so on. And so forth.

With such negativity already aiming at me, on top of whatever baggage I may or may not already have, it’s easy to see how one could never fully rise above. But this is not what God intended for the woman. Women were meant to be celebrated, cherished and above all, loved. God created us to be equal with men, to be their partners. Not to be their footstools or their doormats! We’ve all heard that quote that says:

Woman was made from the rib of man. She was not created from his head to be superior, nor from his feet to be stepped upon, she was made from his side to be close to him, from beneath his arm to be protected by him and near his heart to beloved by him.

But thanks to society, such negative views have been placed on woman since jump. There are too many women today who feel worthless and unloved. And as a woman who has (and still does) struggle with such emotions, I have decided to do any and everything that I can to counter that negative attack. So on the YouVersion Bible app that I have on my phone, there are Bible plans that people can read (which I find to be helpful because I know that most people never know exactly what to read or what to look for when they open the Bible). As of about an hour ago, I started reading a particular plan that they offer called ‘ The Confident Woman Devotional’ (which stems from the Joyce Meyer book of the same title) and even though it’s only the first day, I am really enjoying it. It’s a two-week plan and I am looking forward to reading the devotionals everyday.

Believe in Your Value:

The devotional reads:

Take a minute and look into your heart. How do you feel about yourself? If your answer does not agree with God’s Word, I encourage you to begin today renewing your mind about yourself.

See yourself as God sees you. Study God’s Word and you will find out that you are precious, created in your mother’s womb by God’s own hand. You are not an accident. Even if your parents told you they never really wanted you, I can assure you that God wanted you. You are valuable, you have worth, you are gifted, you are talented, and you have a purpose on this earth.

Not only must we ask God for things He has promised us but we must receive them (see John 16:24). If you feel unworthy, you probably won’t ask, and even if you do, you won’t receive by faith. Don’t let feelings rule you anymore. Take a step of faith and start improving your quality of life today. Believe that you make good decisions, that you are a valuable person with a great future, and something good is going to happen to you today!


Lord, I ask You to imprint Your love into the depths of my heart. I believe You have a great future for me and that I can walk in Your purpose for my life. Amen.

Scripture: Isaiah 43: 4-5

Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life. 5Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;

And ever since I read that devotional this morning, I’ve been seeing examples of confident women everywhere. It’s like it’s a sign God wrote especially for me and I will not take it lightly. Because God wants me to be happy. He wants me to accomplish my dreams. And he wants me to be successful.

I feel that it is so important for us as women to make sure that we do not fall beneath the wayside. We must remain diligent. We must remain eager. We must remain passionate. For if we do not, then society will just be getting what they expected and we CANNOT give them that satisfaction!


P.S. ↓

Check out this video that nearly brought me to tears. Here’s a woman who has overcome it all.

Courtesy of Facebook, YouVersion Bible app & Joyce Meyer Ministries

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