My Natural Is A Way Of Life


Calling all my natural hair-istas!!!!

I am in need of a little bit of help!

I have been natural for almost a year now (June 16th to be exact) and I have to say that I am extremely proud of all the progress I have made! I’ve tried being natural time and time again but I always gave into the creamy crack but I am elated that I stuck it out this time around.

However, I will say that it has not been easy — especially when I first started! It was during the summer time and I think that was where I began to think that I was making a mistake. I didn’t have the patience to deal with my hair, but the perms were just no good for me. My  hair is SUPER thick and can be a bit much so needless to say, I was a little nervous about going natural. And then, once  I was in the community, I was even more overwhelmed! Who knew there were so many different products, processes and even different hair types! That one really threw me for a loop! To this day, I am still not sure what hair type I am, although I’ve had a couple of friends tell me my hair is type 4a.

But that was then and this is now. Almost a year later and I am so in love with my natural tresses! I think more than anything, it was a serious confidence booster for me. It feels so liberating walking down the street, not a care in the world and just enjoying my natural hair! I get looks from time to time, but the way I see it, I don’t feel as though I’m missing out on anything. I mean, yes I do love my quick weaves and sew-ins but I also love my twist-outs.

That’s another thing I truly love about my natural hair — it’s so versatile. It can do anything!


But I am just a year in, so I do have some questions still. The only problem is I have no one to ask these questions to!

Question #1: What are any recommended processes for washing, conditioning and deep conditioning natural hair?

Question #2: Which products work best for my specific hair type? In other words, what products are good for type 4A in general?


Question #3: What is the proper way to straighten my natural hair both with and without the hot comb?

I know I should probably already have a routine by now, but I’ve kind of just been winging things and I would like something concrete to stick to!

Any and all help is appreciated! Leave comments and suggestions below!


2 Replies to “My Natural Is A Way Of Life”

  1. hi! 🙂 I want to reply to this because like you I am about a year into natural hair and I am feeling my way around, also I have type 4a hair and it is very thick and dry! some advice I would like to give is this, your products are not solely based on hair type it is also based on porosity, density, and width a good website to learn this is:

    also there are tips on my natural hair blog known as:

    Something else you may want to consider when it comes to products are organic products always look for something water based and I cant really say that what I use will work for you because everyone is different but if you want to try it it’s called DuDu Osum and it’s basically African shea butter products and I love it!
    rituals you may try are basically treating your hair like a plant, wash it once a week and when you do don’t just put conditioner in it section it off in like 4 sections and using a wide tooth comb
    detangle and leave the conditioner in for like an hour or so to let it soak the nutrients.
    OILS OILS OILS!!! everyday and if your hair is anything like mine you may need it twice a day. before you oil it is best to wet your hair (you don’t have to soak it but damp works) because it opens your pores and actually locks in the moisture
    Protective hairstyles are key because it reduces split ends which could damage your hair and cause bad breakage! it is a sacrifice however you will see more progress. I am a show off so what I do is mon-thurs I leave it twisted up and fri-sun I treat myself to wearing it out so that I don’t get tired of leaving it up but is it also more protected than unprotected.

    Oh and hair straightening I suggest you go to a professional because it’s usually just better that way it turns out better and since it comes from your wallet, which creates discipline, you wont do it too often and it’s healthier to put less heat on it. You may want to do this every couple of months for what I call length checks so that you can see your progress and get your ends trimmed to keep from breakage caused by split ends.

    LASTLY: I know it seems like a lot but I promise I am just dramatical and it’s not that bad. I apologize for leaving such a long comment however you asked and I had answers lol hopefully I helped you. follow my blog and hopefully I can help you more if you want.

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