My Music at the Moment: Alone Together – Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosious


So it’s been a LONG day to say the least and what better way to wind down than with soft music, right? Right! Well today’s jam is by none other than artist Daley. The single is titled “Alone Together” and it features the very talented Marsha Ambrosious. Seriously, their voices together are just pure magic.


Daley sings:
A definite silence,
You’re almost exactly what I need,
A definite maybe,
Sent to entice my curiosity,

Skip ahead to the chorus, which is my favorite part, and you hear:
If you’re the desert sand I’ll be your water,
And you’re the perfect plan I never thought of,
I don’t wanna do this on my own
And you shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together

And then Miss Ambrosious comes in:
Well my heart’s beem racing, chasing after you, ooh
You’re the sweetest dream, my incredible boo
You’re the stars so bright, your eyes the lightest blue,
I can’t help but stare at you…


And so on…

The song is beautiful, the lyrics are absolute poetry and it’s definitely one of my favorites! It’s a very sultry track and I think everyone should give it a listen.

Check it out below:

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