Offering Grace When People Say the Wrong Thing

Kinda Crunchy

How do you respond to those who are in pain? It’s not an easy task to offer wisdom, sympathy, and reassurance when tragedy strikes those we love. Recently, I read an article about how, “Not to Say the Wrong Thing,” when others are facing a crisis. The article was spurred by the authors’ frustration with people who say insensitive things to those who are suffering. I agreed with the article and I will do my best to follow their suggestions. However, I don’t plan on holding others accountable to those suggestions. It’s just not fair.

People will say stupid things. People will say hurtful, ignorant, and downright selfish things. How do I know this? “Hello, my name is Jaclyn and I’m a person. I’ve said hurtful, ignorant and downright selfish things.” Currently, I am in recovery from being a person. I am trying very much to attain Christ-likeness but until…

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