Mariah Carey Teases New Single, Features Miguel



Something good is brewing up!

On May 6, Mariah Carey will be releasing a new track entitled “Beautiful.” Last week, rumors were starting to fly that he was going to be featured on a Mariah Carey single. When asked about the situation earlier this week, he simply responded:

“I don’t know why fans would put that together. I don’t know.”

Talk about keeping a secret! That must have been tough! Then when asked what he thought a collab with Mariah Carey and hisself would sound like, he said:

I think it would sound beautiful!”

HA! Nice one, Miguel.

A teaser video was released but it’s only 26 seconds long, which is hardly long enough! the video for the song has already been shot.

I’m excited about this track!

Check out the teaser below:


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