Fantasia Slays Performance On American Idol


Yasssss honey!!!! Miss Tasia gave me such life last night! In case you missed it, Fantasia returned to the AI stage last night and performed “Lose To Win” like her life depended on it! At first I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the performance because the live performance was a lot slower than the recorded track, but sure enough, Tasia brought it home for me and so many others! Dressed in an all white gown, with fog on the stage, she took it to church during the results show last night and even received a standing ovation from all four of the judges when she finished performing.


After the show, Nicki Minaj tweeted:

Fantasia just had the best performance of this season. wow. Chills

Then diva Mariah Carey also tweeted after Fantasia’ stellar performance:

Go Fantasia, L O V E you, beautiful voice..beautiful person.

Check out the video of her performance below:

Fantasia’s new album Side Effects Of You drops this coming Tuesday, April 23.

Pictures courtesy of Google


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