Rick Ross Believes Reebok Should Have Given Him A ‘Second Chance’


And the mess continues. On Tuesday, Rozay posted a picture of him rocking some Retro 5 Air Jordans sitting on top of a Bentley. Looks like he was alluding to feeling some type of way about being dropped from Reebok over his controversial lyrics in “U.O.E.N.O”. According to TMZ, Rozay believes he should have been given a second chance by Reebok, especially since he helped bring hip-hop shine back to the shoe brand. Sources also say that Rick is set to lose anywhere between $3.5-$5 million since he was being sent a check every time he sported the kicks. That’s a crazy amount to lose out on!

And of course, people in the MMG camp took to Twitter to express how they fel about the situation. Here’s what Meek Mill had to say after the news fisrt broke:

Reeboks right next 2 FILA when it come 2 sneaks that sh-t corny… I was only feeling swizz & tyga projects… #boom

On the other end of the spectrum, Rapper Eve was more understanding of Reebok’s actions:

I think they did what was in their right as a corporation. People still have to remember it is a business and there are shareholders that are bigger than just Reebok that are probably looking at this situation and being like, ‘You know what, this is not something that we want to represent.’

And they probably tried to hold on as long as they could, but when you get something like that and people are actually signing petitions, as a corporation you’re responsible for the things that you do. And I’m sure they got pressured to do it.

Personally, I feel that Rick Ross made a choice, and now he is dealing with the consequences. When you are a part of a brand, you become something bigger than yourself and your actions not only affect you, but the brand you are associated with. Maybe he shoulda thought twice before rapping about putting mollies in girls’ drinks.

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