Ciara’s Forthcoming Album Undergoes Name Change


Looks like Miss CiCi has had a slight change of heart!

For quite some time now, Ciara has been promoting her forthcoming album previously titled One Woman Army, but as of late, she recently decided to change the name to something a little less serious. Her new album artwork appeared on the UK iTunes pre-order section this past weekend, revealing that her latest album will be simply titled Ciara.

Catch the track-listing below:

Ciara which hits stores July 9th, has 10 tracks plus a bonus track and has features from Nicki Minaj and her boo Future, who also co-wrote quite a few tracks on the album.

It is also available for pre-order here.

She overcame a lot and through time you will tell when she puts this album out, it’s gonna be one of those albums that you look back on,” said Future. “Today, I’m already calling it a classic before it even come out.

Aw, how sweet! Can’t wait for it to drop!

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