New Music: “Andre” – Jojo


A little flattery can go a long way…

For women, love can cause us to do some beautiful things … like write a song about why we think our man is “the one”. With this new track, that’s exactly what songstress Jojo does. The new track is titled “Andre”, and Jojo can’t help but sing about all the good things that make up her man.

In the video for the track, Jojo goes from room to room in her man’s house trying on his clothes, laying in his bed and singing about how she fell in love with her Andre, all while he is out setting up for his art show.

However, what you may not be aware of is that the Andre that Jojo sings about in this song is none other than Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000 from OutKast.While recently explaining the inspiration behind the record, JoJo told Rap-Up TV that she used Three Thousand as the inspiration for the track because  “Andre’s style is something that I love. I just think the sexiest thing is when a man is himself and does his own thing, and there’s a really great example of that in Andre Benjamin.”


In the lyrics, here’s what Jojo has to say:

He wears a leather jacket in June
Got a convo straight to the moon
He’s the fire that you can’t contain
I get weak just sayin’ his name
So quiet raspberry beret
No prince but a king to me
He even got his own rules to the game
After him I’ll never be the same
When we get lifted as the night gets nearer
Vibe gets heavy and the clothes get wetter
I’m a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind
And he’s all mine

Check out the visual for the track below:

(photos courtesy of Google)

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